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Invitation to the Launch of a Sales Book

Written by Oisin Browne on .

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Be Water and Allow Success to Flow

Written by Oisin Browne on .

Be water and allow success to flow. Be water and allow success to follow. Be the great person that you are in life by being water. Think about it. The water always arrives to where it is going. There is no stress or wanting in water.  It doesn’t struggle, it flows. It allows for others to be in its space. If a rock is blocking its path it goes around it and can eventually erode it. Water is strong and always moving. It knows how and when to be calm and knows when to be tough.

According to Arthur Guyton Textbook of Medical Physiology the total amount of water in a man of average weight (70 kilograms) is approximately 40 litres, averaging 57 percent of his total body weight. You are water so start acting like it! Think about this when you have a problem or a situation where you are not flowing, Just ask yourself the following: “In this moment how can I be the water that I am? and do I need to move in a different direction in order to flow?" You can get around any rock that is on front of you. After all, you are water.

Selling the Great Cinema Experience

Written by Oisin Browne on .

There are two cinemas where I live. There is cinema one and cinema two. The experiences they offer are very different. My favourite has a style that appeals to my taste. I like their brand of popcorn and the staff seems to always be in the right place at the right time, saying and doing the right things.

From the word go I have put value on my cinema of choice and that’s before I’ve even seen the movie. Going to the cinema is a ritual for me. It’s not just about the film; it’s also about the popcorn, the drink and most importantly, the tuning in to tune out factor. Of course, I want to see something that I will like, but if I don’t that’s no problem because I’m guaranteed the great cinema experience. If I was to put all my eggs in the one basket when it comes to the cinema experience and think I’m only paying to see the movie I’d more than likely never return after seeing one film that I didn't like. I always get value for my buck when I go to the movies because of how I gauge and see the whole experience.

Always remember, two people can see the same movie in the same place at the same time and offer different points of views on the film. Your thoughts on the movie are an opinion. The value is in the experience that surrounds the viewing. The same can be said for a lot of things in business and life.

When you are buying or selling a product or service do you put value only on the product or service or do you look at the bigger picture, the experience? Buy into the experience when making a purchase and if you are selling a product, give an experience that makes people want to come back for more.

Connect With the Rock Climber

Written by Oisin Browne on .

Do you know your colleagues by titles such as Bob, the accountant or Mary, the office manager? Do they know you by your title; John, the boss or William who works in the mailroom. Do you know the person outside the title? Most of us don’t know each other too well in the workplace. We lose the opportunity to build stronger connections, trust, and improved output.

Imagine the person who works as a receptionist is considered average or below average. Outside the workplace the receptionist partakes in rock climbing activities where they are miles above average. They are inspired and inspiring when talking about their hobby. They put one hundred percent into every second and every movement. They plan two steps ahead while focusing on their present step. They know exactly where they are going. They have all the tools to reach their destination successfully and nothing and nobody will distract them. The passion and energy that they put into the rock climbing is one hundred times more then what they put into the job they do. It’s the job that pays for the hobby!

This is the case for most people. Why do most employers find it difficult to get the maximum productivity from workers? They know the title of each worker and the workers know the title of each other. They may even know about each other’s passions outside the workplace, but in order to truly connect with staff within an organization no matter what your position you need to look outside their title. You need to look outside their hobbies. Look at the energy they put into what they love. That is who they really are.

When communicating with others connect with the energy where it is the best. Don’t connect with the receptionist who answers the phone, connect with the rock climber and you will know and work with a world-class receptionist.

The Best Adviser is Your Inner Adviser

Written by Oisin Browne on .

When you are afraid to take the next step, or have a mental block stopping you from making progress you can remove yourself from the picture and look from the outside. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to look at other people and their situations and within seconds come up with a plan of action? You can see what’s blocking them. You may even go as far as dishing out friendly advice as you feel that your clarity is super bright and super right. You can’t understand how the other party can’t see the solution that is resting right beneath their nose. The confusing aspect of this great ability is that you can’t do it for yourself. When you try, you become emotionally involved. You attach yourself to particular outcomes. You ask everybody, only to receive ten very different and conflicting opinions.

This is the time to tune out from the noise of the outside world and tune into your inner world. This is the time to go to the cinema on your own, to wash the dishes by hand, do gardening, yoga, meditation or exercise. This is the right time to bring quietness to your mind. It is easier said than done, but if you don’t give it a go, you won’t know. The goal is to disconnect and bring you into a calm state of now, the present moment. When you disconnect from the outcome you can tap into more possibilities. You can ask yourself questions and get great honest answers.  You can see yourself as you see others and help yourself as you would others, but first calm the mind.

Imagine now if you were to meet a 30 year older version of yourself and could ask him/her this question “What’s the next best step for me to take?” They have been through it all and have all the best answers. Do it now, and see what answers you received. I’m sure it will be the right answer. If you get two answers, listen to the first, the gut feeling.

The best adviser is your inner adviser.