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Yes I Can: Selling Like Obama, Just Better!

Written by Oisin Browne on .

Barrack Obama knows how to sell. If he didn't he wouldn't be where he is now. To really sell you must get into a winning mindset, succeed in your goals and perform to your greatest potential you must firstly let go of the unwanted baggage, limiting thoughts and all excuses. You must give it all you got from every cell, thought and drop of sweat that you can produce.
selling-like-obamaTo put a limit on that is only but an excuse not to achieve. I'm not the biggest fan of the American president Obama, however I did love the way he inspired the Irish people with a simple phrase, his translation of his catchphrase 'Yes we can', 'Is féidir linn'. What a great thing to say, three words full of positivity, belief, faith and determination. There is one hitch with these three words. When you say 'Yes, we can' you are saying it as a collective phrase which means if the other people on your sales team or in your business aren't singing from the same hymn sheet you will lose the power of the words and the momentum before you even start. A better song to sing is' Yes I can'.
Bring it back to the first person. Why? You can be responsible for yourself and not for others. Now when you begin to sing and apply this mantra of 'Yes I can', then you can find likeminded people to work with as appose to trying to convert the non-believers. Start with yourself. What does it mean to say 'Yes I can'? It is self-empowering, committal and creates flow wherever you apply it. What does it mean to make a promise to yourself with the words 'Yes I can'? Imagine making a special contract with yourself that from this moment on there will be absolutely 'no excuses' not to triumph where you apply yourself. Imagine making a personal commitment to give 100 percent of yourself to everything you do and to take full responsibility for all outcomes and challenges that you face in life. What would happen from this moment onwards? I would say life would change and get better. When you give up the habit of saying: I can't, I won't, maybe, tomorrow, I don't want to, I am tried, It wasn't my fault, I have no money, I don't know how, I'm afraid, I'm not good enough, I'm too old, I'm too unfit, It's not going to work, I tried, it's out of my control and so on and on the list goes, this is when you become a little more open to your own true potential and endless abilities and wonderful talents.
This is when you allow yourself to be a little more in tune and deal with what is on front of you. When you say you can't, you simply won't. But when you say you can, you open up all sorts of possibilities and outcomes. You allow flow and flow effortlessly encourages change towards your goals and dreams. You close the sale.
If you want more sales, to build a better business, to say something to somebody, to let go of something from your past, to find love, find a job, lose weight or pay a bill start with 'Yes I can'. Your abilities and creativity and future achievements are only limited by the ceiling you put over them. Can you remove this ceiling? Yes, you can! But don't just say 'Yes I can' and not do anything about it. Take responsibility, choose your priorities and commit to implementing and following through on a personal plan. No matter how hard it may be or you may feel, don't let the excuses or fear of 'not having' stop you. To enhance the probability of reaching your goals without falling into the excuse mode, write down your goals and share them with everybody. Open up to the fact that 'yes you can' do anything and achieve anything you put your focus and attention on. Can you double or triple your sales at the click of a finger? Yes, you can...

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